Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My Taniwha by Will

This is my taniwha. He is scary. His eyes are orange as orange can be. He has big horns. He is noisy. He is so noisy that he so was like a lion.

My Taniwha by Thomas

This is my scary taniwha. It is just about to get a boat. The people are scared on the boat. I hope they do not get eaten.

My Taniwha by Sam

I like the taniwha. It is cool and blue.

My Taniwha by Rohitash

At the weekend I saw a taniwha. It was scary because it was not good.

My Taniwha by Oliver

My taniwha is so scary it will scare you out off your pants.

My Taniwha by Ned

I saw a fierce taniwha. I was scared. It had blue eyes. It had white teeth and a long white tail.

My Taniwha by Lily

My taniwha is mean and scary.

My Taniwha by Jaz

My taniwha has a blue tail and a scary face and she is silent.

My Taniwha by Jasmin

I have a pet taniwha. It is a scary one. It eats people who are mean to him. He is a girl. I have five of them.

My Taniwha by Isabella

My taniwha is scary.

My Taniwha by Ezara

My taniwha is cool.

My Taniwha by Charlie

My taniwha is awesome. He said, “Hi,” once. He is big. He is really scary. He likes me.

My Taniwha by Alfie

I can see a taniwha. It has big sharp spikes. I like my taniwha because it’s my best friend.

Monday, 11 June 2012

Autumn Leaves by Will

In Autumn I found a leaf. It is green and I like it.

Autumn Leaves by Thomas and Dad

Autumn is a season when the leaves fall. I like making a selection.

Autumn Leaves by Sarah

I like Summer and Winter.

Autumn Leaves by Sam

This is my leaf. It is yellow.

Autumn Leaves by Rohitash

I like trees.

Autumn Leaves by Oliver

Autumn is a season. In Autumn I start soccer.

Autumn Leaves by Connor

Autumn is a season. Leaves change colour.

Autumn Leaves by Ned

In Autumn I play tennis. It is fun because I learn. The sun is warm.

Autumn Leaves by Lily

In Autumn I saw a monster and red leaves.

Autumn Leaves by Jaz

I saw trees. It is beautiful.

Autumn Leaves by Jasmin

Autumn is a long season. In Autumn I catch leaves. Leaves have colours.

Autumn Leaves by Jaden

In Autumn my dad likes fishing.

Autumn Leaves by Isabella

I like going to the beach in Autumn.

Autumn Leaves by Ezara

My tree is big.

Autumn Leaves by Charlie

In Autumn it is good because the birds come outside.

Autumn Leaves by Alfie

Autumn is about when leaves fall from trees and I like the warm sun.

My Bear by Will

This is my bear Blacky. He has a red bow. He is black. I like him.
Will 29.5.12

My Bear by Thomas

This is my bear. His name is Big Ted and he is cool. He has clothes. I love him.
Thomas 29.5.12

My Cat by Sam


This is my cat. It is white and red and blue.
Sam 29.5.12

My Bear by Rohitash

I like my bear because he is cute. He is brown. He is soft.
Rohitash 29.5.12